Collaborators are essential when you are a one-woman studio.  While each collaborator plays a certain role, I feed off all of them and couldn’t speak more highly of not only their essential contributions but their ability to go with my flow!

Laura Mars


Laura Mars began her publishing career in New York before moving to the Berkshires, where she was editorial director for a general reference publisher. Having recently retired, she thoroughly enjoys her second career as freelance writer for MORE and Berkshire Magazine, and having the opportunity to give back as ESOL tutor, co-leader of Together Women Rise giving circle, and library volunteer.

Robin Catalano


Robin is a skilled travel writer and journalist, and has published over 100 articles and 1,000 blog posts. She’s served as the developmental editor, copyeditor, or proofreader on more than 350 books and dozens of magazines, and now also contributes thoughtful stories and proofreading for MORE! She currently resides just outside Hudson, New York.


Bryan Trindade

Production Direction

With a background in Communication, Design and Photography, Bryan is a Swiss army knife. Based in New York City, Bryan has a creative nature that’s balanced by a grounded realism and a “get it done” attitude, which he brings into play for all production-related needs at 41 Studios.


Kristin Murphy


Based in Southern California, Kristin’s eye and attention to detail led her to photography, a medium she began exploring at an early age. She provides 41 Studios photography, from marketing and website stills to final project photos and sometimes, client installations.


Nana Adu-Kofi


With a background in architecture and project management, Nana now focuses his incredible talent on videography and art, painting NBA basketball players, bespoke client commissions, and contributing his video skills to 41 Studios and MORE. He enjoys the sun and vibes of life in Los Angeles.


Edward Palmquist

Web Development

Based in Salt Lake City, Edward is a full-stack developer & designer with over 15 years of experience. Currently contributing his web development skills to 41 Studios. His eye for detail and style is constantly sharpened by his passions for fashion, photography and interior design. 


Sasha La Schnaidler

Project Renderings

Based in Argentina and Barcelona, Sasha provides photo renderings for 41 Studios projects. Her use of a variety of programs makes her invaluable on projects.